TAMBUTI LODGE featured as a backstage in the famous german comedy television film “UM HIMMELS WILLEN” 2012

Um Himmels Willen (For Heaven’s Sake) is a German sitcom television series. It stars Jutta Speidel and Janina Hartwig and Fritz Wepper (Harry Klein, the assistant in the old Derrick television series ). For heaven’s sake, has 7.1 million viewers, the most watched television series in Germany. (As of 2012) With Janina Hartwig playing Sister Hanna Jakobi, Fritz Wepper playing Mayor Wolfgang Wöller and Jutta Speidel playing Sister Lotte.

„Mission unmöglich“




Wolfgang Woeller, mayor of the fictional Lower Bavarian town and part-time car dealer, sold his old car to Nigeria . It quickly turns out that he’s been taken in by scammers. To prevent this, he travels with Sister Hanna, the director of the local monastery to Nigeria (in reality Namibia was chosen as a more convenient and safer shooting location!). In “Nigeria” he meets Sister Lotte, who heads a mission station.

The Kavango region in Nambia with Tambuti Lodge and its environment as well as the Shambyu Mission were the main backstage sceneries for the mission school. With Tambuti Lodge as the main shooting headquarter. Lodge co-owner Elisabeth Hilger and the small daughter Jane Hilger were also contributing through their acting parts.

Here small pics behind the scenes

Cracking a joke with Fritz Wepper         River scenery back stage with Janina Hartwig

(Lisa in white sister cloth and baby Jane) at the mission. Janina Hartwig (left)
Jutta Speidel (right)
Scenery in Rundu town with community women
and at Rundu beach, former Tambuti Staff with film director Ulrich Koenig